The next Public Relations Webinar will be held on January 11, 2018 at 7 pm Eastern Time. This is a change of date from what was previously posted.

The format for these online meetings is question and answer. A follow-up email with notes on the discussion will be sent out after the webinar.

The meeting will use a new virtual platform with audio and video for attendees. Plan to have a computer with camera, microphone and speakers/headphones for the full experience. An audio-only connection via phone will also be available.

If you would like to participate, contact to add your name and email to the notification list. You’ll be sent a reminder along with a link to join the webinar. Also, if you have topics that are important to you and the work you do, please send them to the same email address.

NA World Services holds quarterly webinars for Public Relations, consisting of area and regional representatives who present their experiences and ideas.