Hospitals and Institutions

The goal of H&I is to get our message of recovery to any addict whose attendance at regular N.A. meetings is restricted.  A strong and stable H&I Subcommittee, with support from the local N.A. community, is crucial to this effort.

H&I is a subcommittee of the area or regional service committee and is directly accountable to that committee.  Subcommittees are not autonomous; they are established by areas and regions to serve a specific need.   Budgets, guidelines and reports of the subcommittee’s work should be submitted for approval to the appropriate service committee.

After many years of experience with various types of H&I meetings/presentations, we recommend the “panel system” as the most effective.  The H&I meeting sponsored or conducted by a particular NA group does not allow the H&I Subcommittee sufficient influence over the meeting and defeats the subcommittee system our Fellowship utilizes.  We then lose the benefit of the full-time consideration of H&I matters that an H&I subcommittee provides.  This often gives rise to problems in communication and consistency.

There is occasionally some confusion with the terms “panel system” and “panel format.”  The panel system refers to the general approach to structuring H&I effort, which uses panel presentations.  The panel format refers to the specific way in which a given panel structures its presentation.

A subcommittee using the panel system has a “panel coordinator” who oversees several different H&I commitments to assure that communications between the facility and the H&I Subcommittee are going well.  Each H&I meeting has a panel leader/panel chair, who makes all the necessary arrangements to hold the meeting.  “Panel members” are those who attend the meeting to share their recovery.  A variety of formats can be used within such a panel system.

As is always the case in committee work, it is important to work together as a team.  The experience of many members of the Fellowship shows that the unity of purpose and the subcommittee members’ ability to work together is vital to the success of our service efforts.

The area H&I Subcommittee plays a central role in this effort.  It initiates, coordinates and conducts all NA hospitals and institutions meetings within the area.  This subcommittee is the hub of H&I planning and organization.