These guidelines are intended to provide a general description of the purposes and functions of the Funcoast Area Literature Subcommittee and to inform NA members about how they can best contribute to the development of Narcotics Anonymous literature.  Experience has shown that involvement in an area or regional literature committee is one of the best ways to support our literature efforts.  Because of this, we will focus our attention on how the NA member can get involved in a literature committee, the purpose and functions of literature committees, and our literature development process.  The clear communication of the Narcotics Anonymous message of recovery is a very important function of our NA conference-approved literature.  Over many years a process has been developed that makes our literature unique.  Through the open involvement of our entire fellowship and all facets of writing, reviewing, and approving Narcotics Anonymous literature, we are preserving the concept upon which NA was founded- that one addict can best understand and help another addict.  It is our hope that these guidelines will provide information and assistance for members of the Funcoast Area literature committee and NA members who wish to participate in our literature development process.  The area and regional committees all function to work with you and exchange ideas, information, and suggestions.  We encourage you to follow the service structure of Narcotics Anonymous and to keep in touch with the literature committee at the next level of service.  We believe you will find service in literature a stimulating, rewarding, and exciting aspect of the recovery experience.

Narcotics Anonymous Literature